Book Sofa DEEP cleaning home service (Stain removing) at your Home. Trained and experienced professionals for Furniture Upholstery Deep Cleaning.

Book home deep cleaning services. Trained and experienced professionals

Sofa Fabric washing with chemical and deep cleaning & vacuuming to dry, with professional extraction method. Remove not only dust but also stain.

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Upholstery Cleaning for Couch Before and After comparison


  • On the Couch we start off by strategically removing bacteria from all fabrics, all-around, with a combination of not only anti-bacterial and steam but also wet vac extraction to lift and suck all the dirt from the crevices.
  • We then rigorously remove all grease and removable stains, caused by sweat, body oils, spilled drinks, tea, coffee, etc. including each and every deep corner, giving it a detailed finish, almost like it is brand new.
  • Finally we de-grease thoroughly, ensuring a streak less finish with improved visibility.

Upholstery Stain Removing for Couch Before and After

Use our Deep Cleaning service in order to breathe new life back into your sofa or any kind of home furniture upholstery. To conclude, we provide quick and simple at-home service for your convenience. Our Deep Cleaning service will surely leave you fully satisfied. Not only deep cleaning furniture but we also provide professional sofa shampooing and couch steam upholstery deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning is our high-end luxury service where we magically turn your old furniture upholstery into something new. Stains will be removed and all your furniture will look like brand new!

Doesn’t matter where you live in Dubai, do not hesitate to book an appointment and schedule the upholstery deep cleaning service, from the comfort of your home. Maintaining your Sofa well will increase its life significantly. Your movie nights will be more enjoyable and comfortable as a result. The lifespan of your sofa will undeniably increase with the help of our deep cleaning service. We offer our deep cleaning service every day of the week, except Friday. Avoid missing out on the deep cleaning services. You can book an appointment online without any hassle for the services that you require for your home furniture such as Sofa, Couch and other furniture upholstery fabrics.

L shape sofa with stains Before and After

We offer both leather and textile upholstery deep cleaning for Sofas & Couches, using relevant shampooing and deep washing equipment, made in Germany. Our experienced cleaners specifically use a microfiber cloth soaked in an appropriate cleaning solution to clean leather Upholstered seats and cushions. In addition, we utilize steam cleaning to clean the various respective materials. Furthermore, we also clean out the crevices. Moreover, the work is meticulously completed in an effort to satisfy all our clientele.

Upholstery Cleaning for Couch Before and After


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